Providing Professional Tree Care Throughout The Susquehanna Valley Region.

At STC, it is our mission to partner with our clients to not only enhance the natural beauty of their outdoor living area, but to provide education and skilled maintenance to establish the proper preservation of their trees and shrubs. Our team of certified aborists are passionate about delivering top notch care in a timely manner for a variety of spaces including, but not limited to, your personal garden or a wooded lot. STC meets with clients at their property to inspect and discuss their particular needs, and the next steps to create lasting health and safety for their home and family.

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Emergency Storm Response

Emergency Storm Response

STC is just a phone call away to help you in your time of need. We can respond quickly to the inconvenience that may come in the form of a tree unexpectedly falling on your house or another piece of property with which rapid removal would be important.
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Tree Preservation


Proper maintenance of your trees and shrubs will promote their health and extend their lifespan.
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Tree Pruning and Removal

Stump Grinding

STC can help increase the aesthetic value of your space and the ease of mowing by removing stumps.
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Insects and Disease Management

Insect and Disease Management

Here at Susquehanna Tree Care we take a multipronged approach to dealing with insect and disease management. Often, but not always, these issues can be a sign of a larger health issue, and so getting a proper evaluation from a certified arborist is a great first step.
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Healthy Trees

"A properly pruned tree is a safer, healthier, and more attractive tree" 

  • Pruning is not only healthy for your trees, but it is also an excellent way to make sure that nothing has the potential to damage your home or property.
  • For trees close your home that may concern you, removal is not always the answer. Cabling and bracing are great techniques used by our certified arboritsts to insure the stability of your tree while maintaining its natural beauty. 


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Your Ash Trees Are In DANGER!

The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is an invasive insect from Asia that is responsible for killing millions of Ash trees across the US. This small green insect originally infested the state of Michigan in 2002, and has rapidly spread to numerous states devastating a huge percentage of ash trees in its path. EAB is a rapidly growing concern in Pennsylvania that has warranted aggressive action. We are making it Susquehanna Tree Care's priority to educate the public about this problem and provide a lasting solution. This spring, STC is taking lasting preventative steps by performing insecticide injections. In comparison to removing a dead ash tree, the injections are a fraction of the cost. These injections not only save your trees for years to come, but they can only be made by a state certified applicator. 

Image taken from USDA

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