Tree Support Systems

Tree Support

Tree support systems may be the solution for at risk trees. Preserving the structural integrity of your trees will help maintain and add value to your property.  If you have concerns with the structural integrity of your trees, contact STC to set up a risk assessment with one of our ISA Certified Arborists.  After initial installation, support systems require periodic inspection.

Structural Support

There are options besides removal when trees show signs of poor form and structure. Pruning young trees early can reduce the need for remediation. Identifying a dominant leader and healthy branching form in a young tree can lead to a much healthier mature tree. There are instances where mature trees develop weaknesses that require additional support. One of STC’s ISA certified arborist will help you identify weaknesses in your tree, identify potential hazards and provide you with some techniques to reduce the chance of failure. Cabling and bracing are two techniques that allow the STC team to remediate hazards present in your trees. Many times a crown reduction in conjunction with cabling can greatly reduce the hazard potential for years to come.

Lightning Systems

Some tall growing species, trees at higher elevations and/or near buildings can make them more susceptible to lightning strikes. Damage from a lightning strike can result in the death of the tree in addition to severe property damage.  Our arborists are trained in installing lightning protection systems that would divert current away from the tree and buildings.   

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